Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones (Full Review)- Airpods At Affordable Price

Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones

Noise Shots X-Buds earphones just launched in India at an attractive price of ₹3,999. Noise is well known for making great-sounding truly wireless earphones that come at an affordable price and the noise shots x-buds are no exception. These are the follow upto the Nosie shots X1 AIR, Noise shots X3 and Noise shots X5 truly wireless earphones launched earlier this year.

However when we compare them to the noise shots X3 or X5 there is a stark difference in the design of these earphones. These have long stalks that extend downwards similar to the apple airpods from which the design inspiration is taken it seems.

As soon as the noise shots x-buds went on sale we got our hands on the earphones and put them through our extensive test to check how they score in all these categories design, sound quality, comfort, and portability and more.

And the scores are in. So go on reading to see if they are worth the price and can stand a chance in front of the apple airpods from whom they are inspired.

So, here’s my detailed review of the Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones.

Specifications: Noise Shots X-Buds

Noise Shots X-Buds- Specifications
  • Bluetooth v.5.0
  • Full touch controls
  • AAC audio
  • Custom Speaker Drivers
  • IPX5 Water-Resistant
  • Siri & Google assistant
  • Battery Life (with case)- 16 hours
  • Battery Life (without case)- 4 hours
  • Connectivity- 10 meters
  • Colors- Matte Black
  • Weight- 49.9 g
  • Warranty- 1 Year

Design: Noise Shots X-Buds

Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones- Design

The Noise Shots X Buds earphones are really well-built and the matte black finish gives them a very sleek and sexy look. We’ve seen quite a few wireless in-ear earphones recently, and most of them seem to have rather large in-ear units — but not the Noise Shots X-Buds.

The shots X-buds have a in-ear ergonomic design and will fit you perfectly thanks to the silicone earbuds which can be replaced with other two small and large earbuds. The earbuds secure the earphones firmly into your ears. Honestly, I prefer these earbuds over the one size fits all plastic housing on which the apple airpods rely.

The earbuds have a similar design as on the apple airpods with long arms extending downwards with noise branding. Whether you like the flowing downwards design is your individual choice. I personally like them. The arms house the charging points through which the earbuds get charged.

However, the earbuds alone don’t make the whole package appealing. The charging case has a rounded rectangular design with the same matte finish as seen in the buds and looks very distinctive and stylish. The noise shots X-buds with the charging case only weigh 49.9 grams which is decently light. The case, however, is large in size when compared to the apple airpods charging case due to which you can’t carry it in your pocket. But still, the case looks premium and has a nice feel to it but it does attract a lot of smudges.

The earphones offer full-touch controls just like the apple airpods and don’t house any physical button. The touch controls can be used to play or pause music, control volume, skip tracks and answer or rejects calls as well, without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Sound: Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones

Design and comfort are important, but arguably not as important as sound. Thankfully, however, the noise shots x-buds sound pretty good. I found the earphones to be loud enough and the sound was crisp. It had a good amount of bass and thump.

While listening to tracks like Kaam 25 the bass nicely cuts through the track without overwhelming the mid and treble notes. These earphones have the right amount of energy and rhythm to get you pumped up.

The mid-range is also very well-tuned. The low-mids are warm, while the high-mids give plenty of presence to things like guitars and vocals. In fact, I really can’t find a fault in the high mid tuning of these earphones. However, you will need to raise the volume to 90% occasionally while hearing podcasts. 

There is no noticeable lag in the sound between the left and right earbud. Neither, I found any audio lag while streaming Prime Videos, YouTube and Netflix.

There’s not quite the same crispness or detail across a track as offered by the apple airpods, nevertheless for the price the noise shots x-buds provide an impressive listening experience.

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Comfort & Portability: Noise Shots X-Buds


Comfort and portability are the main reasons to consider when one is going for a pair of truly wireless earphones rather than the original wired ones. You don’t have to deal with ever tangled wires and the fear of damaging the wire which in my case was rather common. Truly wireless earphones or headphones for that matter set you completely free to move in anyway you want or do whatever you want without thinking about the wire.

The angled earbuds of the noise shots x-buds will perfectly fit into your ears. However at first when you start using the shots X-buds you may feel that the silicone earbuds are pushing against your ear walls. You can easily resolve this issue by trying one of the two extra earbuds to get your perfect fit. The noise shots x-buds snug fit into your ears, are quite light and don’t feel bulky when you put them on.

I even tried them during my intense workouts and cardio sessions and not even once, I felt that there were getting lose or that I should fit them more firmly. They just glue to your ears and it never feels that they may come off. These earphones don’t offer active noise cancellation but do have passively cut out ambient noise making it a go-to option for daily commuters.

We tried the noise shots x-buds in a number of the Tryheadphones team’s ears, and they sat well in each of them. Everyone was able to shake their heads without the earphones falling out, and at last, we all could agree that these felt completely secure.

The noise shots x-buds with the charging case can’t be kept in the pocket like the apple airpods as they are larger in size when compared to the tiny case of the airpods. However, these can easily be tossed into your college or office bag. The shots x-buds case provides a good grip when you hold it in your hand’s, thanks to the rounded rectangular design.

Controls: Noise Shots X-Buds Earphones

The touch controls on the noise shots x-buds are really intuitive. You will never need to reach out to your phone for controlling your earbuds. Double-tap the left or right earbud to play or pause music. You can change tracks by tapping the earbuds. Triple tap twice the left earbud to go previous track. Triple tap right earbud to go to next track.

The volume can also be controlled through the earbuds, slide down to decrease the volume and up to increase the volume on any one of the earbuds. To answer a call just tap on anyone of them, double-tap to end call, and long press to reject call.

Noise shot x-buds are voice assistant enabled. To activate Siri or google assistant just touch and hold and the voice assistant will be enabled. The sensitivity of the controls is also perfectly calibrated which means if you accidentally touch the controls they will be no response. I really had a great experience with the controls on shots x-buds.

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Checkout the official launch video of Noise Shots X-Buds truly wireless earphones-

Noise Shots X-Buds- Official Launch Video

Battery Life: Noise Shots X-Buds

The long stems protruding from the bottom of each earbud might be bulky, but the plus side of that bulk is that the Noise shots x-buds battery life is really great.

Noise’s claim of four hours battery life from the earbuds appeared to be completely accurate in our tests. The earbuds are powered with a 40 mAh battery which does last up to four hours. The earbuds take approximately 2 hours to charge to 100%. Whenever the battery on the earbuds starts getting low you will get an audio prompt to charge the earphones.

The charging case houses a 650 mAh battery and takes about a 1.5 hours to fully charge. It can either be charged by using the micro USB cable with a charger or a laptop. We tried both and found that the charging time when using a laptop to be nearly same. The charging case can charge the buds from 0 to 100% three times, thus providing up to 16 hours of playback time.

It offers up to 30 hours of standby. Just plug them in the night before going to bed and you are good for the day. In short, the battery life of the Noise shots x-buds is great and much better than the competition. 

Features & Performance: Noise Shots X-Buds

Noise Shots X Buds - Features

The earbuds are IPX5 sweatproof so you don’t have to worry about a few splashes of water here and there. I used the shots x buds during cardio and boy I sweat a lot but still, these earphones could easily take it. The fit on these earphones is also really good they stick into your ears even if you are sprinting.

Connecting the Noise shots x-buds to your phone is a breeze, just plug them out of the case and within seconds they will be connected. Pairing them to your device first time may require you to get into your Bluetooth menu, but after that, these will happily automatically pair each and every time you take them out of the charging case and will automatically disconnect when you put them in.

The connectivity range on these earphones is 10 meters without any obstacle which is a standard. I didn’t experience any audio lag during my usage in the gym or when playing games on my laptop. The shots x-buds come with Bluetooth 5.0 which really offers good sound and connectivity. However, if you have an old device with Bluetooth 4.0 these will work perfectly fine.

I have been using Noise’s products for a while now and the one common issue with its earphones was a poor microphone. But not to worry Noise has really improved the microphone on this one. I tested the microphone on voice calls and the sound was much louder and clearer than the previous noise devices.

The improvement in microphone also enhances the experience while using the voice assistant. The Noise shots x-buds support both siri and google assistant and both can be activated by tapping and holding the earbuds.

Price & Availability: Noise Shots X-Buds

The Noise Shots X-Buds are are available on and for a price of ₹3,999. You can use our link to get a special discount on both the sites. Checkout cheapest price now.

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Extra 5% off is available if you pay online at However, cash on delivery is also available. 

Noise offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

What’s in the box?

  1. Noise Shots X-Buds Bluetooth Earphone
  2. Charging Case
  3. Micro USB Cable
  4. 2 Extra Eartips
  5. User Manual
  6. Thank you Card

I Feel

The Noise Shots X-Buds are an impressive pair of truly wireless earphones which come at afforadble price of ₹3,999. With great sound quality, good battery life, smooth connectivity, stylish ergonomic design, ful touch controls ,IPX5 Sweatproof and voice assistant enabled these are truly affordable airpods. The matte black finish which you wanted in the airpods is also avilable here. So in my opinion at this price point these are the best earphones in the Indian market.


1. Does the music play in both the earbuds or just one? During calls is the audio available in both ears?

Shots X-Buds supports Stereo mode during music which means that you’ll be able to hear music in both the earbuds.

2. Can I use Shots X-Buds as a single bud while listening to music?

Yes, you can. However, only left earbud will function as it is the master earbud.

3. Does it have a touch feature to change tracks?

Yes, you can change tracks by tapping the earbuds. Triple tap twice the left earbud to go previous track. Triple tap right earbud to go to next track.

4. How much time does it take to charge?

Shots X-Buds takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge.

5. Can Shots X-Buds be charged without putting them into the case?

No, they cannot be charged without the case.

6. Is noise cancellation available?

No, there is no active noise cancellation available.

7. Is it waterproof or not?

It has an IPX5 rating which means that it is splash resistant and can withstand occasional splash of water.

8. How would I get to know, what size would be the perfect fit?

Shots X-Buds comes with different sized eartips (S/M/L) for the perfect fit. You can try the eartips and check for the perfect fit and comfort.

9. Are these earbuds compatible with iPhone?

Yes, they are compatible with the iPhone.

10. Is this compatible with Windows? Can I connect my laptop?

Yes, Shots X-Buds is compatible with Windows so it can be connected to the laptop as long it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity provision.

11. Does it support Bluetooth 4.0?

Shots X-Buds is best suited with Bluetooth v5.0. However, it also supports smartphones with Bluetooth v4.0 as well.

12. What is the range of Bluetooth from the phone?

The Bluetooth range is 10 meters without any obstacle.

13. Is there a warranty for this product?

Yes, there is a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of delivery of the product.

14. Can I charge it with my PC/laptop?

Yes, you can charge X-Buds with your PC/laptop.

15. Does it have some sort of fast charge?

No, it does not have fast charging.

16. Where do I register for a warranty?

Please follow the link to register for warranty- Noise Warranty Registration

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