Noise Shots X1 Air (Full Review)- Everything You Need To Know & More

Noise shots X1 Air Full Review

Noise shots X1 Air are noise’s latest addition in their truly wireless earphones arsenal. Overall noise’s products have been great and the noise shots X1 air are no exception.

Specifications: Noise Shots X1 AIR

Noise shots X1 air specifications
  • Ultralight and Compact
  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • IPX6 Sweat Proof
  • Full Touch Control
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Battery Life- 7 hours Playback
  • Charging time- 2 hours
  • Colors- Carbon Black, Graphite Grey
  • Weight- 7.5 grams per earbud
  • Warranty- 1 Year

Design: Noise Shots X1 AIR

Noise shots X1 air design

The shots X1 air are the smallest and lightest truly wireless earphones from noise with a smart and sleek look. They are so light that you will forget that you had them in your ears, trust me I can’t say the same for most of the truly wireless earphones. They only weigh 35 grams with the charging case and without the charging case, the earbuds only weigh 7.5 grams each.

Due to the lightweight and compact design, these become your perfect companion when in the gym or when commuting to work. The earbuds even with the case are easily portable and you can just toss them in your pocket.

Overall the noise shots X1 air look very attractive in the two-color variants carbon black and graphite grey. (I would go for the carbon black one.) 

Sound: Noise Shots X1 AIR

Noise shots X1 air sound

The noise shots X1 air really shine when it comes to bass frequencies, which becomes even more apparent when you listen to bassy tracks. The superior AAC audio codec lets Shots X1 AIR deliver much better sound quality than headphones using the inferior SBC codec.

Of course, these don’t have the best sound stage when compared to other truly wireless earphones like the apple airpods but also keep in mind they come for a fraction of money of which the airpods cost.

Saying that, if you like your music bassy you will probably like the way the shots X1 air sound. These have a very natural sound stage, good passive noise isolation, and the sound quality is impressive.  

Battery Life: Noise Shots X1 AIR

Noise shots X1 air battery life

The battery life of the earbuds is awesome as they can last you easily 6 hours on full volume however the company claims a battery life of 7 hours. During our testing, these earphones lasted 6 hours smoothly after which we started seeing some audio dropouts. 

They offer a standby time of 160 hours which is really great for a pair of truly wireless earphones. The earbuds have a 110 mAh battery inside which last 6 hours easily.

The only issue with the earphones is that the charging case doesn’t house a battery inside. So you will have to connect them through a micro USB cable to charge the earphones. The earphones get fully charged in about 2 hours which is not much.

Features and Performance: Noise Shots X1 AIR

Shots X1 air features

Shots X1 Air have Bluetooth 5.0 inbuilt which offers stable connections, better battery life, and longer wireless range. During our testing, we faced no issue with regards to connectivity. The noise shots X1 air offer seamless connectivity, just get them out of the case and they will automatically connect to your device. We didn’t face any audio lag during playing online multiplayer games like PUBG or when bingeing our favorite shows on Netflix. 

The shots X1 Air comes with touch sensors on both the earbuds making the really intuitive to use. A single tap on any earbud to play or pause music, double-tap the earbuds to change the tracks. To increase the volume touch and hold the right earbud and to decrease the volume touch and hold the left earbud. To activate any voice assistant Siri or Google assistant just tap the right earbud three times.

The shots X1 air also have dual mics in both the earbuds so they can be used for making calls. Tap any earbud right of left to pick up a call and just tap any of them during a call to end it.

These earbuds are IPX6 rated making them sweat, dust and splash-proof. So these can be your perfect companions for the hardcore gym session. The wireless range is also decent at 10 meters which is generally a standard in truly wireless earbuds.

Price and Availablity: Noise Shots X1 AIR

The Noise Shots X1 air graphite grey variant is available on Flipkart at a price of INR 1,799 whereas the carbon black X1 air variant will be available exclusively from for INR 2,099. 

Extra 5% off is available if you pay online at However, cash on delivery is also available. 

Noise offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

What’s in the box?

  1. Noise Shots X1 Air
  2. Charging case
  3. Micro USB Cable
  4. Extra Eartips- Two
  5. User Manual
  6. Thank you card

I Feel

At this price point a pair of truly wireless earbuds with all the features which that the noise shots X1 air offers like touch controls, Bluetooth, with the ultralight and attractive design it’s hard to not recommend to you guys. If you are switching from a pair of wired earphones then they are great earbuds to start from.



    • Hey Maninder,

      Congrats on the purchase of the new noise shots X1 air.
      If you are facing the issue you mentioned above just insert both the earbuds in the charging case and they will be reset.
      Start the Bluetooth of your device you want to connect the earbuds to before taking them out of the box. Then simultaneously take out both the earbuds your issue will be resolved.

    • Hey Shubham,

      Hope you are doing well. Congrats on the purchase of the noise shots X1 air.
      Just tap on both the earbuds to restart them and they will automatically connect to any device with Bluetooth in their range.

  1. Agr kuch der tak ear buds ko case s bahar nikal lete h to buds off ho jate h agr phone se connect nhi kro to agar usko fir s on krna ho or case naa ho apne paas to kese on kr skte h

    • Hi Kashyap,

      Your earbuds will automatically switch off if not connected to any device after a few minutes to reduce battery consumption. Just tap on both the earbuds to restart them and they will automatically connect to any device with Bluetooth in their range. I hope you found our review valuable.

  2. After using for few days, the sound automatically became slow. Left earbud sounds very slow. Do you face that issue. Help me??

    • Hey Mayank,

      I faced no such issue even after regular use for a few weeks. There can be a possibility that the earbud is not properly charged. So leave both the earbuds in the case for a night to charge them properly. If you are still facing the same issue you can place a request for changing the device or you can contact directly using this link Noise Support and share your problem with them. They will definitely get back to you.

      I hope that your problem is resolved soon and you can enjoy music on your earbuds.

  3. hey Gagandeep,
    I m facing a problem..Cant we use the left ear bud all alone. As whenever i m putting the right one in the case, its getting disconnected. please help me out with this as it seems you have to always use right ear bud to connect to bluetooth

    • Hey Bhushan

      You are right Bhushan. The left earbud can’t work without the right earbud. As only the right earbud can connect with the pairing device.

  4. The battery life of the earbuds is 6-7 hours
    If we use a single earbuds (right) at a time, will the battery of the left ear bud also reduce!??. If not… after 6 hours of playback from the right earbud can we use the left to get another six hours of usage???
    If not then… After fully used if we placed the right ear bud in the box with the fully charged left ear bud, will the left start charging the right one until they are equally charged?????

    • Hey Adithyan

      What you are suggesting is not possible as only the right earbud contains the Bluetooth. So is you use only the right earbud at once it will work because it has Bluetooth but when you will try to use the left earbud you will not be able to pair with your phone. The right earbud only connects with the pairing device and the left earbud pairs with the right earbuds to get the signal.

  5. Hi Gagandeep,
    what should one do if the charging case is not working..? Where do I get a new one as it’s only been 1 month since the purchase and multiple issue with charging.


    • Hi Kavish

      I am really sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your earbuds. If it’s only been one month then I believe that your earbuds are still under warranty. So just visit Noise Support and submit a request stating your issue. The guys at Noise will get back to you.

    • Hi Karpakamoorthy

      No, it doesn’t have active noise cancellation. This feature is not available in any earbuds or earphones in this price range however the earbuds fit into your ear so well that there will be no audio leakage. These earbuds sound pretty good.

  6. After a month of using I am facing problem. Media sound does not come out. Phone calls is working fine. Sometimes the left side response to media but then goes mute again. And when I connect to different device it works fine again. Any one having such issues??

    • Hi Joe

      I am sorry to hear that you are facing such an issue with your particular product. The noise shots x-1 air was my daily driver for about a month and I tested them in real-life situations like working out, playing games and commuting to work but I faced no such issue. If it’s only about a month you can contact Noise Support team and share your problem. They will definitely help you. Good luck!

    • Hi Ankush
      The call quality on the noise shots x1 air is decent and works well in quiet spaces. It’s better than the quality in most truly wireless earphones in this price range.

  7. Hey! When I take out the earbuds, then there’re two pairing options of L and R airbuds. Only ONE earbud is connecting at a time. How to factory reset them. Plz

    • Hey Sajed
      I hope you are doing well. Just put both the earbuds in the charging case and open your phone’s Bluetooth. Forget both L and R earbuds from your phone’s Bluetooth and restart your phone’s Bluetooth and take the earbuds out of the box. Your Problem will be resolved.

    • Hi Akash
      There is a significant difference in the price of both the earphones. So there is definitely a difference b/w both and according to my experience with both the noise shots X1 Air and noise shots X3 the latter is better.

    • Hi Siddu
      I am sorry to hear that you are facing problems with your earbuds. I believe your product is under warranty so you can contact Noise Support these guys will be happy to help you. Good luck.

  8. Is X 1 air a good earbud?In reviews I could see many negatives than positives.Suggest me to purchase X 1 air or not?What if any problem comes within a month?

    • Hey Akhil
      I have personally tested the noise shots x buds for about a month and I had zero issues with the product. They are a good pair of truly wireless earbuds you can definitely try them out. They are right now available on Flipkart at 33% Off. It’s a good deal. Grab it as soon as possible. TRY NOW.

  9. Hi brother.. I bought a noise earbud today and morning it was working well and good but then by evening the functions got reversed. That is, the right started changed to decreasing the volume and left to increasing the volume.

    • Hi Vishnu
      Bro that’s a weird problem. But still, if all the functions are working then it’s fine. If you are still facing any issue with the controls no need to stress out as your product is still under warranty you can contact Noise Support they will be happy to help you.

    • Hey i can help you with this
      1. Put your buds back in the case
      2 . Take out only right bud connect it with your mobile phone
      3. Put it back in the case
      4. Take out both buds from the case
      5. Put both in the ear make sure you have not connected your right bud with the mobile
      6. Now double tap on left bud you will listen something like searching for slay
      7. Now tap on right bud tow time then put both bud back
      8. Take out both bud now tap and hold you will listen pairing and its done make sure you will listen pairing from right side two times

  10. I bought a noise earbud x yesterday in morning it was working well but now the right is working and the left earbud is not working.

    • I am sorry to hear that you are facing problems with your earbuds. I believe your product is under warranty so you can contact Noise Support these guys will be happy to help you. Good luck.


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